He Got a Girlfriend

“What If “ guy ended.
2 weeks later? On Facebook the guy listed himself as “In a Relationship.”

I don’t have a lot to say about this.
I wrote most of my feelings on this topic, a few weeks ago.

This dude, is crap.
A few weeks ago he was telling me how much “he missed me.”
He acted all offended when I told him we needed to set up healthy friendship boundaries.
Now, weeks later he’s in a relationship? Cute.

He’s already posted photos of them together.
He called her “the best” a day after I no longer took his crap.
He flashes her around social media and Snapchat.
Is he doing it to rub it in my face and make me jealous?
I kind of think he is..But the issue is, I’m not jealous.
His girlfriend has no idea he was talking to me.
She has no idea how shady he was being to both of us.
I do. I feel zero jealousy.
More just disgusted that this dude played me and kind of played his current girlfriend

I’m embarrassed I liked this guy on and off for 5 years.
But, I want to tell you this: If you have a bad feeling about someone, you’re probably right.
I never had a good feeling about “What If” guy.
I never really saw us actually happening.
He flaked every time we were “talking.”

He never followed through.
He never made any extra effort to be with me.
He lied.
He told me I was the only girl he was interested in (that was a lie twice).
He told me his family would love me and he felt “God leading him to me.”

He fed me a bunch of BS and never could live up to what he said.
He told me I didn’t trust in him.
He was right. He never gave me a reason to.

He told me I “gave up hope,” and he’s right. After someone disappoints you time and time again, you stop believing in them.
You want them to give you a reason to believe them, but they don’t.

You have that gut feeling for a reason.
If something feels off, it is.

You hear it a million times, with guys, their actions speak louder than words.
“What if” guy told me that wasn’t the case, and I didn’t believe him.
The truth is, if he wants you, he puts in the effort.
If he wants you, his actions speak. You don’t just get pointless words out of his mouth,
Guys who like you, chase you. They want you.
Guys are designed to be hunters. Even if they’re shy, it’s inside of them.

If he likes you, he will make it known.
If he keeps running you in circles and you have to wonder “what does he actually feel for me,” you have your answer.
Listen to those clues.
Listen to your gut.

Don’t settle for crap treatment for 5 years.
It’s a waste of time. Take it from me.


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